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Thanks Thornbury!

A few weeks ago, I drove up to Thornbury, Ontario, near Collingwood, to do a Sunday talk and reading at the wonderful Blue Mountains Public Library. It was a glorious autumn day and the drive up was very relaxing. A great crowd turned up and we all had lovely time — at least I did, and I hope those who came enjoyed it too. I did my customary talk, loosely entitled “My Unorthodox Journey to the Published Land,” read a few sections of TBLP, and then fielded questions. The formal part of the program was all over in about an hour. Dennis and Joan Jackal, proprietors of the excellent Jessica’s Book Nook bookstore in downtown Thornbury, organized the event. Dennis was on-site to sell copies of TBLP so I spent some time inscribing copies to those in the audience who purchased them. As I know I’ve said before, speaking to readers is one of the great joys of this odyssey. My thanks to Dennis and Joan, and the staff of the library who made this a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Thornbury Reading 091101

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