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TBLP podcast keeps on chuggin’


The audience for the podcast version of TBLP continues to grow daily. I just happened to check my stats on Libsyn, my podcast hosting service, and noticed that we’ve cracked a thousand listeners. I had no expectations when the podcast launched in January 2007. I really had no idea whether anyone would listen. Well, it seems there was an appetite for the story of Angus, Daniel and a federal election. The idea was to drive interest in, and sales of, the printed version of the novel through first whetting their appetites with the podcast. It seems to be working. Sales are going very well. So here’s to the first one thousand listeners to the TBLP podcast. Here’s hoping they like the story and characters enough to hit the Amazon or Indigo order button on the side of the blog. Sales so far suggest that many podcast listeners have done just that. Thanks for all the support…

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