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CPAC “Talk Politics” interview airs

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008


My 20 minute interview with Ken Rockburn, host of CPAC’s Talk Politics aired this past Sunday. Ken was great and I had a blast. I love that he referred to TBLP as “a scathingly funny political satire.” Nice. Here’s hoping it moves some books.

You can watch the interview here. I close the show so feel free to scroll through until about two thirds of the way through and you’ll find my radio face.

TBLP interview taped for CPAC

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008


I was in Ottawa earlier today for a client meeting. Man it was cold but at least the sun was shining. Before my meeting, I did a 20 minute studio interview on Talk Politics, a leading talk show on CPAC (Cable Public Affairs Channel or Canada’s answer to CSPAN in the U.S.). I’d contacted Ken Rockburn, the respected host of the program, last fall and had sent him a copy of TBLP. Thankfully, he really enjoyed the novel and invited me up to Ottawa to do an interview about it. Every little bit helps!

The interview seemed to go reasonably well and Ken’s easy-going conversational style made it feel like a chat at Starbucks, despite the make-up, cameras, and lights. He was a true professional. The interview should air sometime in March in the prime 7:00 p.m. Sunday evening slot. It’ll then be repeated several times during the week. When it does hit the airwaves, I’ll post the link.