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One year later…

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007



Exactly one year ago tomorrow, after months of futility and frustration with traditional publishing, I signed on with iUniverse to publish The Best Laid Plans. It was not the course I’d hoped to pursue. Like most first-time novelists, I had hoped to find an agent and a mainstream publisher. Alas, like thousands of other rookie writers, good and bad, I was unable to persuade anyone in traditional publishing even to read my manuscript, let alone publish it. So on December 26th, 2006, I took my first steps down the independent publishing route and signed on with iUniverse.

One year later, my novel is widely available online. One year later, TBLP has won the Editor’s Choice and the Publisher’s Choice honours. One year later, my podcast audience is still growing, and by the comments, still loving the story. One year later, I’ve had a successful Toronto launch and my first book signing. One year later, TBLP has aired on Radioropa, a leading European satellite radio network. One year later, every reader review, and the more formal published reviews have been so positive that most days, I tend to walk a few feet off the ground. One year later, more people have bought TBLP than I could ever have dreamed. One year later, the calls for a sequel have pushed me into outline mode for the next Angus/Daniel novel, which, yes, I hope will be published by a mainstream publisher.

But one year later, I couldn’t be happier. Happy New Year…

TBLP in Singapore!

Monday, December 3rd, 2007


Loyal listener in Asia, Paul Gallagher, has just posted these two cool photos of TBLP in Singapore on the Facebook Group page. This novel is much better travelled than its author! Just to recap, building on Australian Jon Hoel’s original idea, we now have photos featuring TBLP and well known local landmarks in Melbourne, Kingston, Ottawa, Boston, Dallas, Hamilton, and now Singapore. The globetrotting continues. Where are we off to next?


iUniverse issues TBLP news release

Monday, December 3rd, 2007


Stop the Presses!

I was pleasantly surprised to read this news release issued today about TBLP and its Publisher’s Choice designation. As a veteran PR professional, I don’t expect it will generate much, if any, coverage but it sure is nice to have the recognition. Standing by to schedule interviews… just kidding. Thanks to iUniverse for putting out the release. Every little bit helps…

Two Ottawa bookstores stock TBLP

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

The massive Chapters store just a few hundred yards east of Parliament Hill now has a full display of TBLP just in time for the holiday season. Given the novel’s setting, it makes sense that bookstores a stone’s throw from the House of Commons stock TBLP.

As well, the SmithBooks store (part of the Chapters-Indigo chain) on the historic Sparks Street Mall, one block south of Parliament Hill, is also carrying TBLP. Every new store helps!

Hanging in on iTunes

Saturday, December 1st, 2007
Every once in a while, even though the final chapter of TBLP podcast was uploaded nearly seven months ago, I check to see where the novel sits in the iTunes rankings in the Arts and Literature category.  On a whim, I had a peek today and was delighted to see it up at #44.  I still have no idea how these rankings work, but I do know it’s better to make the list! iTunes remains the most popular source of podcasts (and music for that matter) so “staying on the charts,” however it happens, lifts the profile of TBLP and draws in new listeners, and I hope new readers too.