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TBLP in the Toronto Star

Monday, April 28th, 2008

I’m sure my 15 minutes must soon be up. Because of the Leacock Medal shortlist, the Toronto Star ran a nice piece in the Sunday Star this past weekend. They even teased the story on the front page of the Entertainment section. I’d done the interview and photography last week. I’m amazed at how many people have e-mailed me in the wake of the article, including some who have said that they’ve ordered the book. Every little bit helps!

TBLP in Singapore!

Monday, December 3rd, 2007


Loyal listener in Asia, Paul Gallagher, has just posted these two cool photos of TBLP in Singapore on the Facebook Group page. This novel is much better travelled than its author! Just to recap, building on Australian Jon Hoel’s original idea, we now have photos featuring TBLP and well known local landmarks in Melbourne, Kingston, Ottawa, Boston, Dallas, Hamilton, and now Singapore. The globetrotting continues. Where are we off to next?


Dallas and Boston check in…

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Mary Stanley in Dallas has posted photos of TBLP against various Dallas landmarks. Here’s the famous Texas School Book Depository from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shots that took JFK’s life 44 years ago this week.  A museum now occupies the space.

My fellow podcaster Bryan Person has also checked in with some great shots from Boston.


Check out all the photos at TBLP Facebook group page.  Thanks Mary and Bryan. Who’s next?

TBLP Photo Challenge

Monday, November 12th, 2007

My friend and fellow PR podcaster (PR Junction) Jon Hoel in Melbourne Australia has been a big supporter of TBLP from the outset and I’m grateful. His latest idea to build profile for the novel is to have photos of the novel sent in to the TBLP Facebook group page against the backdrop of whatever city or town (mountain, lake, field, forest, etc.) the readers inhabit. Interesting idea. So far on the Facebook group page, there are three photos: Jon’s from Melbourne, Francis Wooby’s from Kingston, Ontario, and Shawn Murray’s from Parliament Hill in Ottawa. While the idea hasn’t exactly gone “viral” yet, it’s still early days. So if you have a copy of TBLP, grab your digital camera, contribute a photo, and let’s see how many we can get. Thanks for the creative idea Jon.


Jon’s photo taken in Melbourne

McMaster TBLP launch a success

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007




Last Wednesday I traveled to Hamilton, Ontario and McMaster University where the campus bookstore hosted my first book launch and signing. Mark Lefebvre organized the event and promoted it in various ways including posters around campus and a Facebook event page. It’s been nearly 25 years since I left Mac so I was not expecting much of a turnout. My good friends, political science professor Stefania Miller and former McMaster Associate Vice President Jack Evans were stalwart supporters. Stef introduced me with very kind words and then they both stayed with me for the two hours of the signing keeping me company. They also bought about a dozen books for Christmas gifts. Above and beyond the call!

Over the course of the signing and in the following days about 20 books were sold. With no previous experience as a comparison, I’ve decided to be very pleased with the outcome. It was well organized and I had a great time talking with those who attended. Thanks to all those who came and of course to Mark Lefebvre who pulled it all together.

Yep, TBLP now has a Facebook Group

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007


Under the heading of “leap before you look,” I signed up on Facebook yesterday and promptly created a Friends of “The Best Laid Plans” Podcast group. So if you’re a Facebook member, join the group. You can check in on the TBLP’s Facebook page for udpates and conversation. Let’s see where this takes us…