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Book Lovers’ blog worth reading


Thanks to a blurb in the Quill blog on the Quill and Quire website, I discovered a cool blog for lovers of Canadian literature.  Roughing it in the Books appears to have started up in October (so I’m three months late to the party) and is written by two CanLit fans, Melanie Owen and Alexis Kienlen.  Their goal?  To read and review the more than 260 books published in the New Canadian Library series.  A noble endeavour to be sure, but having seen the list of books, not, I suspect, without its rough patches along the way.  Their latest reviews of, As for Me and My House, Sinclair Ross, were just posted earlier today.  Interestingly,though both Melanie and Alexis read each book, they don’t confer with one another on their respective reviews.  They each read the book and post away.

Of course most Canadian high school graduates, at least of my vintage, will know that Roughing it in the Books is a clever twist on that CanLit classic by Susanna Moodie, Roughing it in the Bush.  I confess that I barely endured it in grade 10 but I suspect I’d enjoy it more today.  Check out this great blog and follow along as Melanie and Alexis churn through the CanLit canon.

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