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Who was that mystery guest on The House?

Just before Christmas I had a call from the producer of CBC Radio‘s wonderful public affairs program, The House.  It was time for their annual book show and I was asked if I would be their “mystery guest” for the show.  She went on to say she would record me over the phone giving some clues as to my identity.  (You never suggest to a podcaster that you’ll be recorded over the phone!  I immediately offered to record my clues and the big reveal message on my own and forward her the MP3 — much better audio quality than a phone recording.)  I followed the instructions and dutifully recorded my two segments.  The “clues” aired on December 27th (you can hear it here if you scroll back to the December 27th show).  In a curious twist of fate, my amazing editor/publisher Douglas Gibson was interviewed in the program about his experience editing the memoirs of three Canadian Prime Ministers, Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, and most recently, Paul Martin.  As usualy, he was witting and thoughtful.  You can hear Doug’s interview here (just scroll back to the December 27th show and then jump ahead to the 37:40 mark in the show). The second clip wherein I reveal my identity just aired this morning.  Lots of fun.

3 responses to “Who was that mystery guest on The House?”

  1. Sandra Cruickshanks says:

    The one time when I would have recognized the voice and the story and I missed this segment. Congrats Terry.

  2. I saw the note and was hoping the show was also a podcast, but no joy there. Didn’t want to install Real player, either.

    Anyway, congrats on your continued success!


  3. Oops. Further digging revealed it -is- available as a podcast, via http://www.cbc.ca/podcasting/. Now I’ve got the appropriate episode of the show downloading.

    Alla this high-tech Web tubes stuff confuses me.


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