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Manuscript has been submitted…

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Last weekend, I finished polishing the manuscript of The High Road, the sequel to TBLP. It felt very good to close the document and send it off to my agent Beverley Slopen. My wonderful editor/publisher Douglas Gibson at McClelland & Stewart still has to read the second half of the novel and I’m sure he’ll have some edits and suggestions as he did on the first half. So the process is not yet complete, but we’re getting closer. Provided he has no major issues with how the story unfolds, (and I suppose he might), we’re really in the home stretch now.

Believe it or not, I was actually jotting down notes today for my third novel. I think I’ll be taking a break from Angus and Daniel for the next book. An idea is steeping and fermenting in my head. It needs to rattle around for a while yet but there’s something there. Thinking, thinking, thinking…


…thinking, thinking, thinking…

7 responses to “Manuscript has been submitted…”

  1. metro mama says:

    Well that must feel good. Congrats!

  2. Bob Johnson says:

    Can’t wait to read the new novel.

  3. Elaine Anderson says:

    That is exciting news! I am really looking forward to it. I am happy to hear that you have put some thoughts together for book three as well. Super!

  4. Bryan Person says:

    Congrats, Terry. And no pressure, but when do you start the podcast? 🙂

  5. Terry Fallis says:

    Good question Bryan. I’m really hoping my publisher lets me do it. Fingers crossed. I’m pushing hard.

  6. Bob Johnson says:

    Quit basking in your glory and get started on your third novel. I’m pushing 68 and can’t wait forever! Enjoying the podcast. Just gave “Best Laid Plans” to my best friend, and look forward to buying “The High Road” for him for Christmas.

  7. Terry Fallis says:

    Just a few more weeks Bob. September 7th is the big day.

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