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THR excerpt in Canadian Government Executive

Earlier in the summer, I got an email and then a phone call from Toby Fyfe, Editor-in-Chief of the fine trade magazine, Canadian Government Executive (CGE), to discuss The High Road. He’s a smart guy and a nice guy. He asked permission for the September issue of CGE to carry an exclusive excerpt from The High Road. Given the mag’s readership of senior civil servants, Toby thought if might be a great fit. I was certainly flattered but had to check with the powers that be at McClelland & Stewart as this was the first time I’d encountered such a request. In short order, permission was secured and in the next week or so, the September issue of CGE will be landing on subscribers’ desks complete with an exclusive chunk of The High Road. Here’s hoping it’s well-received. My thanks to Toby for the idea and I hope it doesn’t kill sales of the venerable magazine’s October issue!

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