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Canada Also Reads TBLP essay by Andy Maize

The essays in defence of the Canada Also Reads shortlisted books started yesterday. Two essays each day are posted on the National Post‘s Afterword blog. This afternoon, Andy Maize’s defence of The Best Laid Plans appeared. Andy Maize, co-founder and lead singer/songwriter with The Skydiggers has written a wonderful piece in support of TBLP. I love it and I’m grateful for the time, thought and care Andy clearly took in composing his essay. But it’s not over yet. On Monday, March 8th, starting a 1:00 p.m., the National Post and Afterword blog will host an online chat with all of the panelists and authors. Should be fun. Then, Canadians will be able to vote online for the Canada Also Reads winner. Here’s hoping all of you loyal readers of this humble blog will cast your vote for TBLP when the time comes.

2 responses to “Canada Also Reads TBLP essay by Andy Maize”

  1. Hi Terry: I agree with Andy’s comment that “The Best Laid Plans” is a book that inspires and exhilarates and that its strength is in its characters – I can’t wait to read/listen to your podcasts of “The High Road” to see what happens next. I also really enjoyed reading the other essays and look forward to seeing how this all shakes out! Good luck, Evadne.

  2. […] writers being successful, well-written satires, nice guys who mentor unpublished writers or the essay Andy Maize wrote defending The Best Laid Plans. The winner will be announced on March 16, […]

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