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Happy Poles Apart Publication Day


Yesterday, Poles Apart officially became a book on its formal release date. You should now be able to find it in bookstores across the country. I celebrated last night by helping our ball hockey team, and I use the word “helping” loosely, win our second consecutive championship before heading off to the hospital ER to have my chin sewn up. In a brilliant play that may have changed the face of our game, perhaps even the face of hockey itself,  and certainly my own face, I managed to dive and clear the ball from our zone while shorthanded, and then, because the dive on its own wasn’t quite dramatic enough, I decided to smash my chin on the concrete floor. (There’s not a lot of give in that concrete floor.) The good news is we won the championship. The bad news is I now have four stitches in my chin as I embark on some book-related travels to Woodstock, Surrey, Victoria, and Ottawa with seven speaking gigs in the next seven days. I’m hoping to at least get a cleft chin out of it.

Don't be confused. My twin brother Tim is kneeling in the front row while I'm standing at the right.

Don’t be confused. My twin brother, Tim, is kneeling in the front row while I’m standing on the right.

Hospital for chin

3 responses to “Happy Poles Apart Publication Day”

  1. Chantal says:

    OUCH! Well, consider it a scar of valour! 😉

  2. Faye Cable says:

    White looks good on you!!!

  3. […] and hits bookstores across the country. Even though it’s only been about 18 months since Poles Apart was released in October 2015, it feels like a much longer […]

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