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Chapter 2: January 28, 2007


This week, Chapter 2 including:

  • Daniel gets to know his landlord, Angus McLintock;
  • A mutually beneficial deal is negotiated;
  • Daniel endures his first hovercraft lecture;
  • Daniel and Angus tangle on the chess board;
  • Angus writes in his diary.

Feel free to leave a comment right here on the blog or send me an e-mail to tfallis@gmail.com.  Thanks for listening.  Next week, Chapter 3.

The great music featured in the podcast is by Jon Schmidt and is called Winter Serenade. It’s available from the Podsafe Music Network. The photo at the top of the blog page was taken by, and is used with permission from, Mr. Ron Boisvert.

2 responses to “Chapter 2: January 28, 2007”

  1. IMBruce says:

    Hi Terry

    Wow. Where to start? I listen to a LOT of podcasts and am currently following about 6 podnovels. I believe I heard about yours via Sigler’s The Rookie.

    It caught my attention because: I’m Canadian. I’ve lived in Ottawa (B.A. Carleton ’85). I’d read other funny books set in the Ottawa Valley (The Bandy Chronicles, which ended with a stint in Parliament). And because…

    A guy who lived on my res floor in first year went on to do something like what you did (details kinda hazy; we didn’t stay in touch). Two of my best friends at Carleton were sons of a general and a former mayor. And another guy I knew later became mayor of Ottawa himself. I even attended a party during the Turner/Chretien leadership race convention. (My point of kinda sorta having brushed shoulders with you.)

    Not bragging (that’s not much to brag about). Just explaining the roots of empathy.

    I’m enjoying the book so far. More feedback on that below. And, as part of my new resolve to contact more podcasters I listen to, first I thought I’d email you. But better than email is…blog traffic! (Public vs private acknowledgement, get the snowball rolling, etc.)

    On the writing side, I like the characters, style, language and humourous flourishes. I’ll be more specific another time.

    On the production side, I too like the music very much. Great complement to the production. Your voiceovers are timed nicely with the musical changes. You’ve got a good voice both in narration and in the bumpers. The other bumper guy’s good too. All around, a polished and professional package. I guess you’ve had prior experience with another podcast. I’ll check that one out too (eventually).

    Well, this is plenty long enough for an intro. I’m glad I have several chapters to go before I catch up with you and have to wait a week for each one.

    I’ll have to come back later (after hearing more chapters) to delve further into the site. Allan Rock was a good score for a quote.

    I didn’t go into politics. But for the last 5 years or so I’ve been a professional clown. Yes, really. More on that later.



  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Hey Bruce, thanks for checking in. I love hearing from listeners. I really enjoyed the Bandy books. In fact, I now own first editions of them all. Great yarns. Thanks for the tip that you heard about my little podcast from Soctt Sigler’s The Rookie. I knew he was going to do something but I didn’t know when or how. And thanks for listening…


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