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Positive early signs for Albatross

Presale ranking 190617

I’ve always found Bookmanager to be an easy way to follow how well my books are doing in the weeks leading up to, and the months following, publication. It provides the sales data for the CBC Books Bestsellers List and many other bestsellers lists. But it also tracks preorders and ranks the most anticipated books in the run up to their publication. You can also engage various filters to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. So the ranking above is for “future releases” by “Canadian authors” in the “Fiction” category. It’s certainly gratifying to see that with still two months to go before its publication day, Albatross currently seems to be the eighth most anticipated Canadian work of fiction. I’ll take it! I’m thrilled to be in such fine company alongside Margaret Atwood, Louise Penny, Rawi Hage, Ian Hamilton, Miriam Toews, Lori Lansens, and the late, great Richard Wagamese. August 13th is the official publishing date. It won’t be long now.

2 responses to “Positive early signs for Albatross”

  1. NOam Gold-Utting says:

    Hi Terry,

    Just wondering whether you will be podcasting this one as well at any point?

    Thanks! Noam

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Hi Noam. If you scroll down on the blog to the post from May 6, you’ll see an explanation for my reluctant decision not to podcast this novel, but to record the official audiobook for Penguin Random House. Thanks!

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