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TBLP on CBC Radio 2’s Shift

Friday, February 4th, 2011

I had a great time a week or so ago with my old friend Tom Allen, the celebrated host of CBC Radio 2’s Shift. His encyclopedic knowledge of music is just one reason to listen to his show. He is a pro. He interviewed me in the CBC studios about my Canada Reads odyssey and the playlist of music I’d concocted to accompany the book. I’ve known Tom for a long time, largely because our sons are the same age and shared a passion for hockey (something their fathers share too). For years, I coached Tom’s son Wesley in “House League” and Tom helped coach my son Calder in “Select.” Tom is also a writer. If you’re a hockey fan, pick up The Gift of the Game. It’s a wonderful and intimate meditation on hockey and fatherhood. Calder and Wesley are now at university, thus putting an end to hours happily spent in cold arenas. I miss it, and I know Tom does too.

Click on the image below to listen to our interview. Thanks, Tom…

CBC’s Tom Allen on TBLP

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

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Tom Allen is the much-loved host of CBC Radio’s Music and Company. A music expert in his own right, it’s Tom’s story telling and his casual and warm approach that makes listening to his show seem like sitting in his living room. Tom is a good friend and was very helpful and supportive when I was writing TBLP. Our sons play on the same hockey team and so we spend many a hour together at innumerable arenas. Tom is also a respected writer and published The Gift of the Game in 2005. It’s a wonderful reflection on hockey and his son.  Here’s what Tom has kindly said of TBLP:

“Terry Fallis has found the cure for Canada’s political malaise: a stubborn, old, irreverent Scotsman with nothing to lose. Until Angus McLintock walks out of fiction and into public office, where he would surely save the nation, the only place to find him is right here among The Best Laid Plans.”

You should all go out and buy Tom’s book! Thanks for all your support Tom.