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Novelist Mike Tanner “blurbs” TBLP

I am blessed with good friends and strong supporters. Mike Tanner is an accomplished musician, singer and songwriter, a former member of Canada’s National Field Hockey Team(!), a corporate language trainer, and if that weren’t enough, a great writer to boot. He has published two novels, Acting the Giddy Goat and Resurrection Blues, and a non-fiction book, Flat-Out Rock: Ten Great Bands of the 60s.

I encourage you to check out these great works (better yet, buy them!). Our book club read Acting the Giddy Goat (check out some reviews here) and Mike was good enough to come to our meeting for an evening of great discussion. We also play ball hockey together, and on many a Tuesday night, you’ll find me inadvertantly hacking Mike’s shins as he blows by me.

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tanner.jpg giddy-goat.jpg resurrection-blues.jpg flatout.gif

Mike has been very good to me as I embarked on my writing sideline. He was always there with words of encouragement and advice, notwithstanding my Tuesday night stick-work. Well, he’s very kindly been listening to this podcast and has provided the following “blurb” that will appear on the back cover of the novel when it’s printed.

“Terry Fallis’ novel has two things that kept me hooked: characters that I cared about and a story that made me want to find out what would happen next. And often, very often, there was a line that made me laugh aloud or think twice–sometimes at the same time.”
Novelist Mike Tanner, author of Acting the Giddy Goat.

Thanks so much Mike.

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