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Poles Apart Bestsellers List Roundup

In the first few weeks of its life, it’s been very gratifying to see Poles Apart grace a number of bestsellers lists in various positions. I just wanted to note them here for posterity’s sake, as this blog is a kind of digital scrapbook of my writing life. Here’s hoping Poles Apart hangs on for a few more weeks before it inevitably slips off these ever-changing bestsellers lists. I’m grateful to the many readers who have bought the book and helped propel it into these rankings.

Bookmanager Bestsellers 151101

MyStore Bestsellers list 151031

Globe bestsellers 151031

TorStar Bestseller list 151031

One response to “Poles Apart Bestsellers List Roundup”

  1. […] October 20th, my fifth novel, Poles Apart hit bookstores and enjoyed a great run on various bestsellers lists. I couldn’t be happier with how the novel has been received so […]

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