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A special podcast episode: TBLP is a book

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

In this brief special edition of TBLP podcast, listeners are updated on the publication and availability of the novel in book form.

To purchase The Best Laid Plans, see the “Buy it online” links in the right hand sidebar of the blog near the top. After all, the holiday gift-giving season is nearly upon us…

As always, comments are invited right here on the blog or send me an e-mail to [email protected].

Thanks so much for listening. It’s been a thrill for me to podcast my humble novel. Your comments have been very generous and encouraging. I’m grateful.

The great music featured in the podcast is by Jon Schmidt and is called Winter Serenade. It is available from the Podsafe Music Network. My friend Roger Dey provides the voice that opens the podcast. The photo at the top of the blog page was taken by, and is used with permission from, Mr. Ron Boisvert

First Book Launch at McMaster University

Friday, September 28th, 2007

mac-bookstore.png book-launch-ad.png

McMaster University, my alma mater, will host my first book launch event on October 10th. Mark Lefebvre, a writer in his own right (under the name Mark Leslie), and the Book Operations Manager at Titles, Mac’s great bookstore, has been amazing in developing and promoting the event. We’re still working out how it will actually unfold, but I expect I’ll speak a bit about the book and then even read a short section before perhaps signing a few copies (if anyone shows up).

I hope to do events in Toronto and Ottawa as well later this fall…

Ottawa “Chapters” stocks TBLP

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007


I was in Ottawa on business earlier this week and confirmed that the Chapters store at the corner of Rideau and Wellington, just a stone’s throw from Parliament Hill, will stock TBLP. An initial shipment has been ordered and anyone in the Ottawa area should be able to find it on the shelves there in the next week or so. It’s fitting that the closest bookstore to the House of Commons, where Angus made a little history, should carry his story. Other Ottawa-area bookstores have also been approached and I’ll keep you posted as I hear back from them. Stay tuned for news about the first of at least a few launch events in different cities…

Another two bookstores stock TBLP

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Another Book City outlet (that’s two and counting) near Bloor and Yonge in downtown Toronto is not only carrying The Best Laid Plans, but they’ve actually put it in the front window! I couldn’t resist snapping a photo. Who knows how long it will be there?


Then, late this afternoon, I spoke with Mark Lefebvre at McMaster University’s great bookstore called Titles and learned that they had already ordered five copies of TBLP and listed it in their online catalogue. Mark even invited me to do a book signing/reading on campus sometime later this fall. I love McMaster. It’s my alma mater. It would be very special to go back and see my novel on display in the bookstore and do a reading. A great way to start the weekend.

So in the last two days, TBLP has ended up for sale in five different bookstores in downtown Toronto. I’m heading to Ottawa on business on Monday and perhaps I’ll tackle a view bookstores in the nation’s capital. After all, this really is an Ottawa novel. Stay tuned as the ride continues…

Two more bookstores pick up TBLP!

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Two more bookstores in Toronto have joined the ranks of Ben McNally Books (see the previous post or just scroll down) in offering The Best Laid Plans for sale. As my 15 year old son would say, “sweet.”

bookcity-logo.png     book-city-danforth-photo.jpg

The Book City store at 348 Danforth Avenue, a great independent bookstore in the heart of Toronto’s Riverdale community, is now carrying TBLP.  There are four other Book City locations in Toronto and I aim to visit each one so that TBLP is available across the entire chain.

sleuth-of-baker-street-logo.jpg sleuth-of-baker-street-photo.jpg

The good folks at The Sleuth of Baker Street also took five copies, despite being primarily a mystery book shop.  They do have one bookcase near the front of the store for non-mysteries and TBLP will be proudly flying its colours there.  If you’re in Toronto and haven’t visited The Sleuth, it’s a wonderful store with great atmosphere and a stellar collection of mysteries from Peter Robinson to Arther Conan Doyle.  There’s plenty of Sherlockiana so Holmes fans will not be disappointed!  They also have a wonderful monthly newsletter for mystery buffs called the Merchant of Menace.  You’ll find the store at 1600 Bayview Avenue.

Thanks to Pat at Book City and J.D. at Sleuth for your support.

Ben McNally Books first to carry TBLP!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007


Ben McNally is leading figure in Toronto’s literary firmament. And I’m proud to count him as a friend. I met him first nearly 20 years or so ago when he was the manager of one of Toronto’s finest bookstores, Nicholas Hoare. Well, in the last week, Ben has launched an exciting new venture, Ben McNally Books, a new and wonderful independent bookstore in the heart of Toronto’s business district. I’ve just visited his new space and it is a beautiful, warm, and welcoming place for the true book lover. For those of you in Toronto, you’ll find Ben McNally Books at 366 Bay Street.

We had a wonderful visit and I gave him a signed copy of TBLP. He may not even yet know that he is named in the acknowledgments. Ben offered advice and support when I was trying to navigate the publishing labyrinth. While I know I’ve buried the lede, the best news I’ve had all day came when he offered to carry TBLP in his amazing new store. So Ben McNally Books becomes the first bricks and mortar bookstore to offer The Best Laid Plans. I’m grateful Ben, thank you. Feeling good today… lists TBLP with a reader review

Friday, September 14th, 2007


It took an extra week or so but Amazon’s Canadian site has just listed TBLP eliminating any cross border issues for Canadian buyers. It’s available to order in hardcover and trade paperback. As well, my good friend Peter Nosalik has already posted a positive review. Here’s what he kindly wrote:

“The Best Laid Plans is a completely satisfying novel. The narration flows easily, the characters are recognizable and the plot is compelling. Best of all, the battle between political ideologies is fought by equally strong opponents and the outcome is a complete surprise. The descriptions of Parliament Hill from behind the scenes were fascinating. I especially enjoyed the glimpses of real political maneuvering. Obviously written by someone “in-the-know”. Highly recommended.”

Thanks Peter.

Chapters-Indigo lists TBLP

Saturday, September 8th, 2007


WooHoo! I just checked this morning and TBLP has just appeared in the online catalogue of Chapters-Indigo (Canada’s version of Barnes and Noble). I had feared that it would take many more weeks for this to happen. The full description of the novel is not yet appearing but that should happen soon. Apparently the new book listings appear in chunks rather than all at once. Anyway, Canadians should now be able to order TBLP online in Canada!

TBLP is now officially a book

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Yesterday was a big day in the life of this humble endeavour. Not only did Amazon list The Best Laid Plans, but later in the afternoon, a box arrived bearing my author copies of the published novel. I opened the box and found 20 trade paperbacks and one hardcover. It’s hard to describe the feeling. My friend and client Joel Frey recently blogged about seeing and holding his newly published book, Two Sides of a Cypress Wall, for the first time. I can relate Joel.

Now we’re really just waiting for the other online retailers to list TBLP and then the heavy sales and marketing effort begins. Many have told me that writing the book is the easy part. Building profile and driving sales is tough slogging. first to list TBLP!

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Sometime in the last 24 hours, has listed TBLP for sale. I immediately ordered a hardcover copy just to prime the sales pump. I confess that it feels very strange to see my novel listed on Amazon. Very cool. It’s also listed on the Amazon sites for Canada, UK, Japan, France, and Germany. Only the US site seems able to accept orders right now. It will take a bit more time until the Amazon sites in other countries are able to process purchases. But we’re out of the starting blocks!

I’ll keep you posted as TBLP becomes available through the other leading online book retailers including Chapters-Indigo, Barnes and Noble, and the others.  As well, I hope to have news soon about the display and (I hope) sales of TBLP in at least one Indigo store.  Exciting times.