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The Hon. Elinor Caplan and TBLP

elinorcaplan.jpgThe Honourable Elinor Caplan has had a distinguished career in public service in both the Ontario Legislature and the federal House of Commons. She was Ontario Health Minister in the government of Premier David Peterson, and eventually was elected federally and sat in Prime Minister Jean Chretien‘s cabinet as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.

She also read TBLP. Having big names read, like, and support your novel is important in building buzz and establishing credibility. Here’s what Elinor Caplan had to say about TBLP:

“Terry Fallis weaves a funny yet tender tale that gives us all hope for the future of democracy. Hilarious and thought-provoking, I literally could not put this book down. I finished it in one sitting, with a full heart and sore sides. With an insider’s knowledge of politics, beautifully developed characters, and a page-turning plot, Terry Fallis has written a winner. Get it, read it, now!”

The Hon. Elinor Caplan, former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

I’m grateful for the kind words. You just may see this quotation gracing the back cover of the sequel to TBLP (whenever it’s done).

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