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CBC “green lights” TBLP TV miniseries

Last week we received some very good news from the powers that be at CBC Television. After reviewing the six scripts written by the accomplished writing team of Susan Coyne and Jason Sherman, CBC has given PDM Entertainment the green light to start production this summer of the miniseries based on the first half of my first novel, The Best Laid Plans. CBC has asked that the series be ready to air in January 2014 before coverage of the Winter Olympics begins.

No word yet on casting but that will need to happen in the very near future along with location scouting and shoot scheduling and everything else that goes into creating a TV series. Fingers crossed and touch wood, but it seems that this might actually happen. (And it’s kind of cool to have it talked about in The Hollywood Reporter!)



8 responses to “CBC “green lights” TBLP TV miniseries”

  1. R S says:

    That’s great news! Hope it happens as planned, and hope it’s eventually made available on DVD for those of us in the U.S. who can’t watch CBC (well, one step at a time, I guess….)

  2. Angela says:

    Terry! Congratulations:)

    I hope you will have at least a cameo part! (Would be awesome:)


  3. Jackie says:

    I’ve been waiting for this to be made into a movie since I read it a few years ago!! One suggestion for Angus if you can get him: Billy Connolly. The Scottish comedian would be perfect!! Can’t wait to see the show 😀

  4. Jacqui Ward says:

    This is great news! Love all your books. I just finished Up and Down – love the elderly astronaut. Am looking forward to seeing Best Laid Plans.

  5. Jacqui Ward says:

    Love the idea of Billy Connolly! He would be perfect, but probably not available – sigh

  6. […] While it’s damned near impossible to even imagine becoming one of the greats, achieving something in that interesting middle area is really not so far out of reach.  Just look at Terry Fallis for example.  His debut novel “The Best Laid Plans”  was originally self-published due to lack of publisher interest.  It went on to win the Stephan Leacock Medal in 2008, got picked up by a traditional publisher, and is now being made into a CBC mini-series. […]

  7. Petra Seyffarth says:

    I watched The Best Laid Plans when it ran for the second time – I think it was over the summer of 2014. Awesome! I too hope it comes out on DVD. Angus rocks!

  8. Terry Fallis says:

    It’s already available on DVD from Amazon.ca. Many thanks!

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