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Mac Reads Book Club… a great evening

I spent last evening at McMaster University, my alma mater, in the original President’s residence, a lovely old home on the edge of the campus.  I and about 20 Mac alumni book club members gathered in the stately living room, complete with grand piano, to discuss TBLP.  I had a wonderful time.  Everyone was so nice and encouraging about the novel.  As a newly published writer, hearing that readers love the book, the characters, and the story, never gets old.  That they also thought the book was funny was icing on the cake.   Many thanks to Amber who organized this very enjoyable event.  It was just great.

3 responses to “Mac Reads Book Club… a great evening”

  1. Gary Murton says:

    Write another one. NOW!

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    I’m on it! The sequel is almost fully outlined. I hope to be writing by January. Stay tuned…

  3. Jane Galbraith says:

    Good for you. I too am a McMaster grad and have written a book – can you give me any advise how to get onto the book club agenda?

    I appreciate any advise you have.

    Jane Galbraith

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