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TBLP a “rare” book? (I don’t think so…)

Okay, this is a little strange.  Someone pointed me towards this on the Indigo website.  I can’t imagine why anyone would pay this kind of money for the original edition of TBLP.  It’s very strange.  I think it’s probably just a computer program that correlates the number of copies of the book printed and the number available on the open market and arbirtrarily sets an asking price.  I would hardly consider a self-published novel released in September 2007 to be anywhere near “rare” status!  Just another interesting day in the world of book selling.  (But I’m going to hold onto my few remaining original iUniverse editions just in case!)

One response to “TBLP a “rare” book? (I don’t think so…)”

  1. The bad news would be if “Used” copies are rare. Maybe collectors are out there stockpiling them, trying to corner the TLBP market, and only a few people actually get to read the thing. Think “Bunky” Hunt decided to get into the book business?

    Maybe you could get the publisher to add that to the cover notes. Hey, couldn’t hurt!


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