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CPRS Hamilton Pinnacle Awards Dinner


A week or so ago I spoke at the Canadian Public Relations Society (Hamilton) Pinnacle Awards dinner in Stoney Creek, about an hour southwest of Toronto.  I was very pleased to have been invited and it was a great evening.  I’ve never given a book talk to an audience of my public relations peers, so it felt a little different.  Everyone was very kind and clapped and chortled when they were supposed to.  The centrepiece of the event was the presentation of the annual Pinnacle Awards for excellence in public relations.  This is my profession, and these were my people.  It gave me a shot of pride in our profession to see the energy and enthusiasm of the award recipients as they made their way up to the front.  Many thanks to Carleen Carroll for the invitation to speak.  I should also thank bookseller extraordinaire Bryan Prince for taking care of book sales at the event.  The photos were taken by S. Wilson from CP Images.


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