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A wonderful day at the Port Hope Public Library


This past Saturday, I drove an hour east of Toronto to the beautiful town of Port Hope on the shores of Lake Ontario.  Alex Mahabir, the Community Outreach Coordinator at the Port Hope Public Library had invited me to participate in an author event called The Writer Next Door.  I sat on a panel with three interesting writers, Paul Arthurs, Donna Wooten and Pat Bryan.  All of us are self-published writers and we shared our stories with a capacity crowd.  The welcome from Alex and her husband Dave was very warm and we enjoyed an amazing lunch at the Palm Restaurant.

It was wonderful to spend some time with other authors and to swap experiences.  I intend to read their works:

Paul Arthurs:  Enforcement

Donna Wooten: Leaving Paradise

Pat Bryan: My dear Father

My thanks to Alex Mahabir and the Port Hope Public Library for such a great event.  And thanks to Alex’s husband Dave for taking the photos.


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