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Love this new blog…

Advent Book BLog

Ami McKay, author of The Birth House directed me (via Twitter) to the Advent Book Blog, a great new blog created by Sean (Books on the Radio) Cranberry and Julie (Book Madam) Wilson. They’re inviting members of the writing/publishing/bookselling communities to submit short but spirited recommendations for their favourite books published in the last year. Each day more  and more interesting books are posted. I’ve submitted one but it may take a while for it to show up on the blog as the queue is growing. Check it out and get your Christmas shopping done early!

One response to “Love this new blog…”

  1. Hi Terry:

    I hadn’t heard about the Advent Book Blog until I read your posting about it – what a great concept! The idea of the virtual blood drive mentioned on Julie Wilson’s website is also very interesting – http://bookmadam.com/


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