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The first copy of No Relation

It’s always a thrill when the first copy of your new book arrives. This is the fourth time I’ve had this experience and it never gets old. I found a package from Random House waiting for me at home last night and had an idea of what might be inside. I ripped it open and held the first copy of No Relation in my hands. It felt nice. Then, of course, I whipped out my iPhone and took a photo. Then I inscribed it to my wife, Nancy, a tradition I’ve maintained with each of my novels.

First copy

No Relation hits bookstores on May 20th, and the buzz seems to be building. I had a look at BookManager last night, a site that ranks current and anticipated books in Canada. I was heartened to see that No Relation is actually ranked number two among future Canadian fiction releases. How wonderful to be in the company of these other fine Canadian writers.

Bookmanager ranked future releases list 140421

It won’t be long now. Just a few more weeks. Stay tuned for information about a Toronto launch event for No Relation in early June. In the meantime, I’ll be content just holding this first copy…

2 responses to “The first copy of No Relation”

  1. Jean Mills says:

    Hey Terry – Diana Gabaldon (love her stuff!) isn’t actually a Canadian, so that puts you at Number 1! Can’t wait to see No Relation in print. I’ve been listening to the podcast, but I’m looking forward to having the actual book in my hands. Congratulations!

  2. Patricia Filteau says:

    Dear Terry,
    A huge congratulations on the arrival of Book 4.
    ‘No Relation’ will whip of the bookstore shelf and
    on to my home library shelf on May 20.
    I am enjoying my weekly date with ‘Hem’. In fact, I find myself checking, with anxious anticipation, for the arrival of the next chapter. These podcasts are great. Having you self read the book really draws the sense of connection closer to both you the author and your quirky story. It is a delightfully humorous tale, read by an endearing and comic voice.
    Good on you Terry Fallis.
    Patricia Filteau

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