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As requested, a shameless tour of five years

It may be because it usually takes me about an hour to tell the tale of what I often call my unorthodox journey to the published land, but I’ve fielded many requests for a brief and visual overview of the odyssey. “Put something on YouTube!” is a regular refrain at readings. So, in a spasm of self-indulgence, there now is such an offering. This is really just an animated PowerPoint presentation we pulled together against the backdrop of Jon Schmidt‘s great piece of music, Winter Serenade (which, incidentally, opens and closes each episode of the podcast version of TBLP).

My thanks to Mike Edgell who helped turn it into a video.

5 responses to “As requested, a shameless tour of five years”

  1. Gabriel Sekaly says:

    Terry..love the video!

  2. Terry: Whenever I wonder if it is worth it to work so hard on getting “The 29th Day” published, I think of your story. This video represents every reason why aspiring novelists should keep on trying to turn those cerlox bound manuscripts into books published by M & S!


    P.S. I get excited every time I see the cover of “The Best Laid Plans” beside the new one for “The High Road” … must be the cookies! I’ll be looking forward to the podcasts, but even more to reading it in print.

  3. Steveo says:

    Looks great!

  4. […] I know that I am very fortunate that Terry made space in his busy life to read it (Terry’s brilliant first novel, The Best Laid Plans is one of the six books to be defended in the Canada Also Reads contest and his highly-anticipated […]

  5. […] own book than the average Canadian novel traditionally published by professionals. Terry’s tale of self-publishing ends happily with the Leacock Award for Humour in 2008 and  his second novel, The High Road […]

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