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Ali Velshi plugs TBLP on Strombo

The headline above may mean little to you if you don’t live in Canada and watch our national broadcaster, CBC. A popular late night talk show, called George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, is led each weeknight by the one and only George Stromboulopoulos (which is quite convenient, given the name of the show). He’s hip and topical and has gathered quite the following. I quite enjoy the fast pace of the show and George’s interviewing style. Anyway, I was watching last Wednesday night, the same day of the Canada Reads announcement, and was shocked to see my defender Ali Velshi talking to George about The Best Laid Plans. It’s probably the largest audience ever to see my novel at one time. Thanks Ali. It’s great to have you in my corner.

One response to “Ali Velshi plugs TBLP on Strombo”

  1. Hi Terry:

    That’s a great image! I just posted an essay in French on my blog (http://books.macedo.ca/?p=3189) which I hope might also expose a new audience to your writing. The topic is the Best Laid Plans, and its influence on my development as a writer (as well as yours — thanks always!).

    Evadne Macedo
    The 29th Day: A Novel

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