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Canada Reads event at Toronto Reference Library

Last night, over 350 people crammed into the atrium of the Toronto Reference Library for a Canada Reads event. Fellow finalists Angie Abdou and Jeff Lemire were also there. Mary Ito from CBC interviewed each of us. Then we signed books and communed with the assembled book lovers. There was such a wonderful vibe in the room. It was great to catch up with Angie and Jeff, whom I hadn’t seen since the launch of Canada Reads on November 24th. We’re all having so much fun on this unlikely ride. There appears be no sense of competition among the authors, although our official defenders are definitely polishing their positions for the great debates next week. I’m kind of expecting to be voted off the island early, but there’ll be no disappointment on my part. This has been a glorious odyssey.

Here I am on stage with Mary Ito in the midst of our discussion.

Signing books with fellow finalist, Jeff Lemire.

One response to “Canada Reads event at Toronto Reference Library”

  1. It was great to see you up on stage. I’m glad I came early enough to get a seat given how packed the venue was. As I note on my blog posting http://books.macedo.ca/?p=3433, if The Best Laid Plans turns out to be the best book of the decade, it will be a last laugh at the publishing industry and sweet vindication for every struggling, aspiring, emerging or self-published writer!

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