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I’ve officially started writing novel #3

After a couple years with the idea steeping in my brainpan, and a few months outlining the story, yesterday, I officially started writing novel #3. It is such a relief to be out of the starting blocks. (I’ve just discovered that this is not my first use of the track and field metaphor. Check out the February, 2009 post I wrote when I’d started writing the manuscript for The High Road.) I confess I’m later getting going than I wanted to be on my third novel, but time for writing has been at a premium lately with life at the office heating up and lots of readings and talks filling my evenings and weekends. But, at long last, the first few pages are behind me. The opening line in novel #3 as it now stands is “Welcome to the dark side.” Who knows how many words written yesterday will survive to the final manuscript, but that’s not really important right now. What is important? I’m off and writing again…

Out of the blocks

10 responses to “I’ve officially started writing novel #3”

  1. Teresa says:

    Hooray! Happy Easter!

  2. Andrew Smith says:

    Congratulations, Terry. I’m about 30 pages into #2 and I know what a relief it is to get back on the horse, to use a race track metaphor. I’m now a bit stalled while I do more research, but I guess that’s par for the course (now mixing in a bit of golf). All the best with #3.

  3. Very, very cool!

    Funny that, wondering how many words will still stand. I do that too — wondering if all the words I’m writing today will be cut at some point.

    Maybe it’s like making soup. You put all the ingredients in to start. But then you have to take out the Bay leaves. Even though they’re not there in the end, the soup wouldn’t have been the same without them.


  4. Kristine Simpson says:

    I am so looking forward to reading novel #3.

    Good luck with the writing!

  5. […] April 23, I found out that Terry Fallis started writing his third novel on that exact […]

  6. I am glad to hear you are writing a 3rd novel. I stumbled upon ‘The best laid plans” by accident, and loved it. I was thrilled to see there was a sequel, and have just finished “The High Road”. I want more! By the way – I never caught even a hint as to what post Angus has been appointed to. Did I miss it in the Podcast, or did you deliberately leave it out?

    Looking forward to book 3.

  7. Such fun listening to and reading you. This Saturday will be the day of my first podcast. I am plodding along in your footsteps. Of course I am not so presumptuous as to mention your name, but I do thank you.

  8. […] it had been a while since I’d updated you on the status of novel #3. I think the last time I wrote about it was back on April 23rd when I announced that I’d finally started writing the manuscript. This came after spending a […]

  9. […] Six months ago to the day, I started drafting the manuscript for novel #3 (it’s still untitled). Last night, at close to midnight, I actually wrote the words “The End” to complete the draft. It always feels great to bring the story full circle. It comes with a real sense of accomplishment, even though the journey is far from over. The manuscript is just over 91,000 words, which should make the book about 300 pages, I figure. […]

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