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After nearly four years, it’s finally happened…

For that last few years, particularly in the last three months, friends and colleagues have often told me that they’d seen someone on the bus, or subway, or plane, reading one of my novels. Yet, despite riding subway frequently and flying a couple times a month, I have never ever seen someone reading TBLP or THR. Not that I’m scouring my surroundings for such a sight, but I’ve just never noticed, until this past Friday. I’d returned my rental car and was standing on the subway for the single stop trip from Davisville station to St. Clair. A guy was standing next to me and when I looked up, the cover of TBLP was about eight inches from my face. Bizarre. I couldn’t resist asking if he were enjoying the book. He replied that he was loving it and found it hilarious. (Always music to my ears.) Then he looked at me, then at the author shot on the cover of the book, then back to me (echoes of the Old Spice guy, but without the ripped physique). He was quite taken aback, as was I. In fact I actually missed my stop as he asked if I would sign his book. I gladly did, jumped off at Summerhill, crossed to the northbound side of the platform, and made my way back to St. Clair and our office. It felt kind of how I imagine a songwriter feels when he/she hears his/her song on the radio for the very first time. Any way you slice it, it was nice…

5 responses to “After nearly four years, it’s finally happened…”

  1. Great story Terry! And surely every writer’s dream. I’ll have to add this one to the Writers’ Bucket List too!


  2. Angela Bennett says:

    First big smile I had cause for today:)!
    Please keep writing! Best, Angela.

  3. Great post! Cuts to the heart of it all as a writer.

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