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Read Excerpts from Up and Down

Up and Down – Chapter 1 (pdf)
“Welcome to the dark side.”

Diane Martineau smiled as she said it, but still, those were her
words. It was my first day in the Toronto office of the interna-
tional public relations agency Turner King, and I was already
tired of hearing my new profession linked with Lucifer, lord of
the underworld…

Up and Down – Chapter 2 (pdf)
“How are you feeling?” I was sitting on the edge of my mother’s
bed, exercising my gift for creative questions.

The twilight angled into the room through the west-facing win-
dow. It took her a minute to focus on who had spoken. Her face
was still puffy – a remnant of the steroids she’d taken earlier in
her treatment. A few wisps of hair still clung to her head. She’d
long since abandoned the wig…

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