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No Relation: Chapter 7

car in rain

Here’s Chapter 7 of No Relation, my new novel to be published by McClelland & Stewart on May 20, 2014. In this episode, Hem meets again with his therapist, and then gives Mario Andretti a rain-soaked driving lesson. Finally, as his writer’s block seems to worsen, he’s touched when his friends in the NameFame support group propose a rather intriguing solution.

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The voiceover that opens the podcast episode was provided by my good friend, Roger Dey.

One response to “No Relation: Chapter 7”

  1. Trixie B says:

    Dear Mr. Fallis,

    Thank-you for pod-casting all of the books. I am truly enjoying our fourth audio-book build-up to the hard-copy release.

    Of course, you may have to pay a price for what you did at the end of Chapter 6. I believe the term is ‘ear-worm’? Five hours now. If you start getting e-mails with horrible song titles in the subject line, you will know I woke up with it as well.


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