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Lucky me! The blurb parade continues

Blurb Juby

I’ve been so fortunate to have received several very positive endorsements from writers I respect and admire. The latest is from the 2016 winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, Susan Juby. I’m honoured. Here’s her lovely blurb that will appear somewhere on One Brother Shy when it appears in bookstores at the end of May.

One Brother Shy is funny, heartbreaking, and sensitive, just like its reluctant semi-hero, Alex MacAskill. Terry Fallis has worked his magic again in this story of a young man battered by the fates and healed by his own courage and the kindness of an unlikely assortment of people. One Brother Shy is life-affirming and an absolute joy to read.”

Susan Juby, winner of the 2016 Leacock Medal for Republic of Dirt

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