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TBLP is now available as an ebook!

I knew this was happening, but I didn’t think it would be done this fast. I’ve just discovered that TBLP will soon be available as an ebook in any one of the typical formats for smartphones or electronic readers. The McClelland & Stewart website and the Random House website now list TBLP as both a trade paperback, and an ebook. Welcome to reading in 2010. The choices are boundless. The High Road will be available in print or electronic form right out of the gate. So I’m pleased that ebook fans can also read TBLP on the device of their choice. However, while it’s nice to be listed as an ebook, I think it will take some time before all of the online ebook retailers actually list TBLP in their catalogues. So far, I can’t find TBLP in Amazon or KOBO or any of the others. So keep checking back, It’ll be there soon I expect.

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  1. […] I recently reported that The Best Laid Plans was going to be made available as an ebook. Well, TBLP has just now appeared in the Amazon Kindle store and in the Sony Reader store. It has yet to appear in the Kobo ebook store here in Canada but it shouldn’t be too much longer. When The High Road is published in early September, it will be available right out of the gate in print and electronic forms. However you read it, I hope you enjoy it. […]

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