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Covid 19 cancels lots of upcoming events

corona virus

The worldwide spread of the Corona Virus or Covid 19 is arguably the greatest threat to human life that our generation has confronted. I hope everyone is following the guidance health professionals are providing including social distancing, hand washing, no face-touching, and self-isolation. That is the only way we’ll emerge from this crisis and eventually return to our normal lives. Not surprisingly, many of the engagements I had scheduled in the coming months, including upcoming festivals in Quebec City, Gananoque, and Hamilton have been cancelled along with other events like local talks and readings. A visit to Thunder Bay has also been postponed. I’ll miss participating in these but let there be no doubt, cancelling them was the right call and in everyone’s best interests. So I’ve updated my Appearances page and I’ll continue to do that as more events are likely to fall away in the coming weeks and months. Stay safe everyone.

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