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Creativity conversation with Shawn Hewson

Back in the summer, Matt Austin, an actor, writer and film maker contacted me about a series of short videos he is producing for Open Book Toronto, a great site that chronicles all things literary in my home town.  His idea was to shoot “artists” from different fields in conversations about the creative process.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Shawn Hewson a talented young designer whose very successful label Bustle has turned heads in the fashion world.  This video can be seen on YouTube and will soon be available on Open Book Toronto.

2 responses to “Creativity conversation with Shawn Hewson”

  1. Terry Fallis said, “…when I’m watching Fashion Television in the afternoon.” ?!?

    Terry, you have a mystery life that I’ve never discovered. 😉

  2. […] become successful on their own simply because they don’t know any better. Terry Fallis appeared in my feed reader. He won Canada’s Stephen Leacock award for his book The Best Laid Plans. […]

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