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My talk to the Ontario Writers’ Conference

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Earlier this year, I was invited to give the closing address at the Ontario Writers’ Conference. It was not one of the standard talks I often give about one or another of my books or my strange journey to the published land. So I was a little nervous about it. Anyway, for what it’s worth, you can watch it here if you’re interested or suffer with insomnia…

Up and Down has “blurbs!”

Monday, March 26th, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a big fan of blurbs on books. You know, those unfailingly glowing quotations from big names or big media outlets emblazoned on the front and back covers of novels? I always read them. While some can be over the top, having a better known author or a celebrity of some kind blurb your book seems to infuse it with more credibility than if the book were… um, “blurbless.” I’m thrilled to report that Up and Down, due in bookstores on September 11 (no, I actually don’t know why that auspicious date was chosen), will feature at least four blurbs. I am nearly overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s no small matter to let your name and words appear on someone else’s book. So I am truly grateful for the very kind sentences posted below. I blush, look at the floor, shuffle my feet, and buckle my belt tightly around my head to manage any undue swelling.

Here are the blurbs so far:


“Terry Fallis has done it again. Up and Down is another hilarious page-turner that also packs an emotional punch. Only a very talented writer can balance humour and pathos so skillfully. Beautifully written, these characters rocket off the page and straight into your heart. This is satire at its finest.”

Ali Velshi, CNN Anchor and Chief Business Correspondent


“Terry Fallis is a brilliant and very funny writer who also understands the human heart. His words will split your side on one page, and put a lump in your throat on the next. You’ll not only come to like his quirky characters, you’ll want to meet them and take care of them, too. Terry Fallis is a writer to watch, and more importanly, to read.”

Ali Velshi, CNN Anchor and Chief Business Correspondent


“In Landon Percival, Terry Fallis brings to vivid life an unexpected hero– tough yet endearing, brave yet vulnerable. As told by the adorably self-deprecating David Stewart, Landon’s highly entertaining story of NASA intrigue and public relations high jinks reminds us of what it means to be Canadian.”

Cathy Marie Buchanan, New York Times bestselling author of The Day the Falls Stood Still


“A rollicking good ride. Funny one moment, serious the next, always compelling: a reminder that we can all dream.”

Marc Garneau, Member of Parliament and Canada’s first astronaut


“Gently satirical and intelligently frothy, Up and Down achieves a delightful weightlessness as transporting as the space voyage it deals with.”

Andrew Pyper, bestselling author of The Guardians

Heading back to the Headwaters Arts Festival

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Shortly after McClelland & Stewart published The Best Laid Plans in September 2008, I was invited to appear at the Headwaters Arts Festival in Caledon, Ontario alongside Giller winner Joseph Boyden, and prolific writer Drew Hayden Taylor (on whose new book Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, a blurb from me appears). I was over the moon to be sitting at the front of a packed house next to these wonderful writers. We all spoke for a bit and then read a piece from our respective books. Finally, the audience could buy books from the good folks at Booklore and we signed them. (To be clear, we each signed our own books.) It was a memorable night for me as you can read.

Well, I get to do it all over again this coming October. Yes, undoubtedly against the organizers’ better judgement, they’ve asked me back, this time to read from The High Road. Even better, I’ll be joining three other accomplished writers, one of whom I already know. Cathy Marie Buchanan, NY Times bestselling author of The Day the Falls Stood Still is married to a fellow ball hockey player in the Withrow Park Ball Hockey League. I attended her book launch last fall and I’m delighted to get the chance to read with her. Terry O’Reilly, the author of The Age of Persuasion, based on his excellent radio show, and Kate Taylor a Globe and Mail columnist and novelist round out the line-up. It’s still a couple of months off, but I know this will be a great night.

My thanks to Nancy Frater at Booklore for inviting me back.