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My “15 minutes” with Steve Paikin


This was very cool, but a little nerve-wracking.  Steve Paikin is a good friend and I’ve long been a fan of his earlier TV Ontario public affairs show Studio 2, and his outstanding new program The Agenda.  When Steve caught wind of this little podcasting experiment, he was kind enough to invite me in for chat about the novel and this new approach to building its profile.  You can read Steve’s blog post about the interview here and watch the entire interview here or just click on one of the screen shots above.  (I haven’t quite figured out yet how to put the video right on the blog.)  I like how they made it look in the right hand screen shot as if the novel has already been published!  No such luck.

Who knows what, if anything will come from this unexpected and appreciated coverage.  We’ll wait and see.  Whatever happens, thanks Steve.  (Is that how I always look?!)

5 responses to “My “15 minutes” with Steve Paikin”

  1. Dan York says:


    Congratulations on the interview! You looked and sounded great.


  2. Terry Fallis gets 15 minutes of fame on a TV interview about his podcasted book…

    As I wrote before, Inside PR co-host Terry Fallis has written a “satirical novel” about Canadian politics called “The Best Laid Plans” and, in an experiment, is using social media as a way to see about attracting a publisher. He…

  3. Terry Fallis says:

    Hey Dan, you’re too kind. Glad you’re listening…

  4. David Jones says:

    Nice job. And, yes, you always look like that…most times not even as good as that.

    Why don’t you just go straight to optioning the movie rights of your story around trying to get the book published? Think of the drama… And think of a part for me in the film as the dashing, wise-cracking ladies man. If Alec Baldwin can shed a few pounds, we can cast him. If not, George Clooney will do.

  5. […] and articulate host of TVO‘s, The Agenda, one of the finest public affairs show on the air, invited me on to talk about what was then, just a podcast novel. It was very kind of him. Fast forward four years and Steve invited me back to talk about The High […]

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