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Publishing Update: Manuscript submitted


Just to keep you up to speed on my publishing travails, I am self-publishing The Best Laid Plans through iUniverse.  I’ve just submitted the manuscript and have finalized the cover design, thanks to my good friend Steve Palmer at 76design.  (The jpeg above doesn’t quite do it justice. As noted in an earlier post, and if you can’t quite read the fine print, the quotation at the top is from the Hon. Allan Rock.) The manuscript is now being reviewed by an editor and I should have feedback within the next three weeks.  The process takes some time but all the deadlines are in place giving me only a few weeks to resubmit my revised manuscript following the editor’s review and recommendations.  Eventually, if all goes well, The Best Laid Plans could be available through Amazon and Indigo as early as the summer.  My stomach is knots now that an editor is reviewing it.  I’ll keep you posted.

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