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Chapter 14: April 20, 2007


This week, Chapter 14, including: Daniel is late for an important meeting leaving Angus to go it alone; Angus defies the Leader and caucus; Angus closes the Sanderson Shoe deal; the House votes on the Throne Speech; Daniel dines with Lindsay and then some; Angus writes in his diary.

Comments are invited right here on the blog or send me an e-mail to tfallis@gmail.com. Thanks for listening. Next week, Chapter 15.

The great music featured in the podcast is by Jon Schmidt and is called Winter Serenade. It is available from the Podsafe Music Network. My friend Roger Dey provides the voice that opens the podcast. The photo at the top of the blog page was taken by, and is used with permission from, Mr. Ron Boisvert.

4 responses to “Chapter 14: April 20, 2007”

  1. Jon Hoel says:


    I’ve just caught up with the last three episodes after returning from a couple of weeks in Japan. The novel is even better now that Daniel and AM have made it to Ottawa, and I submitted a review to iTunes today.

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks so much Jon! It’s very cool to have my first iTunes review on the Australian iTunes. Good on ya mate, and thanks for listening…


  3. Peter Nosalik says:

    Hi Terry,
    I’m loving the book. There’s something I find very interesting–I come from Waterloo which used to be a big shoe industry town. Now it has converted over to technology and the shoe industry is gone. This was a dramatic and difficult change in our local economy and it happened over the last ten years.

    I really like the characterization of Angus as an engineer who can look beyond immediate challenges and contemplate a revitalized economy. I think he’s a great character!

  4. Terry Fallis says:

    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for checking in! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the podcast. I’m always a bit nervous when a good friend is listening to, or reading the novel. Very interesting observation you’ve made about Waterloo. I’d forgotten that it was originally a shoe town. Quite the transition it’s made. See you soon and thanks for listening…


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