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TBLP cracks the iTunes Top 25 (Arts/Lit.)


I still don’t know what this really means, but in the Arts/Literature podcast category on iTunes, The Best Laid Plans hit #24 today. Who knows where it will sit in half an hour, let alone tomorrow, but it sure is nice to be on the list at all. Thanks for all the support.

5 responses to “TBLP cracks the iTunes Top 25 (Arts/Lit.)”

  1. Jon Hoel says:

    Ter, congratulatioons on the iTunes ranking.
    I’m not looking forward to the end of this podcast series.
    When do you anticipate the book will be released, and will it be available through Amazon right away?

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Hi Jon. Seems your iTunes Review started a modest trend. After yours appeared on the Australian iTunes site, someone else left a very nice review on the Canadian iTunes site. As for the publication date, it’s a little hard to be precise. Any day now I should have the copy edits back from the publisher for my review. Then I have two weeks to respond with a revised manuscript, and then we start finalizing the cover design and copy. Anyway, I expect it’ll be available in late June (optimistic) or July (more likely). Thanks again for sticking with it…


  3. Jaye Sunsurn says:

    This podcast is a little like the little engine that could. When you look at it most people won’t immediately think this is something I wanna read, but when people recommend it enough people start taking notice… and thats where it starts to happen…

    I bet even after the podcast has done its run there will be people still finding it and enjoying it for quite sometime…

  4. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks Jaye. I hope so too. The Long Tail in action…

  5. Dan York says:


    Congrats on the iTunes ranking! You certainly deserve it.
    Still enjoying the show,

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