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Listener Reviews

I’ve received dozens of comments on The Best Laid Plans from listeners around the world and thought I’d devote a page to them. Here is a selection of reviews I’ve received on the blog, through Podiobooks, via e-mail, and on iTunes. Thanks so much and keep them coming…

This book truly is a treasure that I hope more Canadians will discover, and one I’ve been recommending to friends. Please keep “the Angus diaries” if you do get the book published, they bring a wonderful glimpse into the mind of the character. If only we had more politicians like him, ones who dare to cross the party line if that line is illogical. Too bad only a few chapters remain, what a shame. Thanks for all of your hard work in bringing this to us, the listeners.

Alistair in Vancouver

Just had to drop you a line and tell you how much I am enjoying the book. Though being from the West Coast of Scotland and unfamiliar with Canadian politics, the characters you have created are wonderful and the unfolding story addictive.

Nicholas Macnab in Scotland

Listening to Terry read this book is like going for coffee with a good friend. The more I listen, the more I look forward to hearing more. I don’t want it to end. I love the personal comments at the beginning and end of each chapter. More please!

Peter in an iTunes Review

That was amazing, a hell of a ride. I love the book, I am going to buy a few copies and give them away to every political science student I know. Thanks for the book and I hope part II wont take long.

John in a comment on the blog

While political junkies will adore this novel, enough fun exists within for even non-voters to thoroughly enjoy the work of Mr. Fallis. If I could give it six stars I would.

The Arrows in an iTunes Review

Thanks for the wonderful podcast it has quickly become the one I most look forward to each week. This podcast is a little like the little engine that could. When you look at it most people won’t immediately think this is something I wanna read, but when people recommend it enough people start taking notice… and thats where it starts to happen. I bet even after the podcast has done its run there will be people still finding it and enjoying it for quite sometime…

Jaye Sunsurn

I’m Thoroughly enjoying this. I could care less about Canadian politics, but I hardly find that relevant. Great job.

Doug Kress

This is great! Really enjoying listening to your novel here in Shanghai. Very impressed with this initiative and looking forward to listening to the entire book.

Steve in Shanghai

They keep on getting better! I love the way you end with the A.M. diaries. Just finished up listening to Chapter 12… wonderful job again! I loved it. Giving us the kind of politician we all would love to have.

Dan York in Burlington, Vermont

The Best Laid Plans is an engaging political satire told with warmth and humour, rather than just political cynicism. While it is set in Canada, the broad themes in the novel will be familiar to listeners in many countries.

Jon Hoel in Melbourne Australia in an iTunes review

Just wanted to let you and your listeners know how much I’m enjoying listening to The Best Laid Plans. I’m hooked!

Bryan Person in Boston

Loving this! I’m only on the third chapter and am finding it incredibly funny. Well done, well read… and well, well!

Evo Terra

I wish I hadn’t discovered your podcast until all chapters were complete – I hate waiting a week to hear the next chapter. Best of luck publishing the novel.


Did not see that coming at all. I was walking the dog and laughed out loud!

Daryl Cognito

I was just listening to your podcast on podiobooks.com, and I am really enjoying it. Can’t wait for more chapters.

Blue Ace

I’m enjoying the story. It is an interesting way to take in a story. It is nice to sit back, close your eyes and be able to visualize the story as it unfolds – something not as easily done while reading a book. You make the visualization very easy with your wonderful descriptive narrative. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

Cheryl Cotrill

I want to give you my thanks for putting out such an enjoyable work and wish you the best of luck in getting this book into print.

Andrew Hunter in Toronto

“Wow!” A book about politics featuring an English prof and a grammarian was destined to be a hit with me. I love the tone, the vocabulary and the accuracy about the silliness that is taken seriously in Ottawa.

Barbara Dundas

I just a had to drop you a note to let you know how much I am enjoying The Best Laid Plans, I listen at work and have on more than one occasion laughed out loud, and had confused coworkers looking at me with concern in their eyes. They think I’m going crazy. No, I’m not, but I am enjoying your book. I live in Ottawa and know the region well, so it is always a hoot to read about a place you know and love from another point of view!

Dwight Dunlop in Ottawa

Just finished the final chapter……..what a thrilling finish! And people say Canadian politics are boring, tsk tsk. It’s like all-you-can-eat sushi for the political junkie inside of me! (Odd simile, I know) Thanks again for putting this wonderful novel out there.

Al commenting on the blog

I held off for a good long time on this book because it was about politics, and Canadian politics at that, but I’ve just finished the book in it’s entirety and I loved it. The characters are well developed and the whole story gives me a nice warm and fuzzy feeling while the satire keeps me laughing.

Chris in a Podiobooks review