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Publishing Update: The home stretch…

Well we’re very close now.  I’ve just approved all of the professional proof reader’s corrections and added a few of my own.  I will get to check to see that they have all been implemented properly but beyond that, there can be no more changes made.  We’re heading into production.  By mid September, I should have my author copies in hand.  Stay tuned…

2 responses to “Publishing Update: The home stretch…”

  1. Joe says:

    Hey Terry, how goes the interesting process of publishing a book? Solemnly Swear has hit the streets and sales are good at iU, Amazon, Borders & BooksAMillion. Soon it will be on bn.com and in my Tucson, Arizona Barnes & Noble. I should be getting my author copies by Tuesday. I’ll be in Canada (Winnipeg) next week for a conference. Any city tips or marketing strategies (I may as well advertise while on the road)? Can’t wait to see your book on the street..looks funny and interesting (maybe I’ll learn something about your country’s politics). Take care and best of luck…Joe

  2. Joe says:

    P.S. Just a tip to avoid mailing books back and forth for folks who want them signed…I put some up on eBay and sales are good. People appreciate ordering the books and getting them in the mail already signed.

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