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Great Hamilton bookstore picks up TBLP


I was on my way to McMaster University this past Monday evening to give a social media talk to a group of bright young MBA students, and I arrived a little early. With a bit of extra time on my hands, I stopped in at my favourite off-campus bookstore in Hamilton, Bryan Prince Bookseller, just a few blocks from the beautiful campus of my alma mater, McMaster University. (Any bookstore with rolling library ladders on every bookcase is bound to be a hit with me.) I left 20 minutes later having purchased Howard Frank Mosher‘s newest novel, On Kingdom Mountain. But more importantly, I also left three copies of TBLP with Bryan.  They’re now resting among the other “F” authors in the wonderful Fiction collection of his store. So there are at least two bookstores in Hamilton stocking TBLP (Bryan Prince Bookseller, and Titles, McMaster’s bookstore.)  The slow road to bookstore shelves continues…

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