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Dallas and Boston check in…

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Mary Stanley in Dallas has posted photos of TBLP against various Dallas landmarks. Here’s the famous Texas School Book Depository from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shots that took JFK’s life 44 years ago this week.  A museum now occupies the space.

My fellow podcaster Bryan Person has also checked in with some great shots from Boston.


Check out all the photos at TBLP Facebook group page.  Thanks Mary and Bryan. Who’s next?

Toronto TBLP launch a success!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007


The official Toronto launch of TBLP unfolded this past Monday evening at the Dora Keogh pub on the Danforth. The venue was perfect and comfortably accommodated the 90-100 guests who passed through the event. Books were selling like hotcakes with the hardcover editions moving even faster than the less expensive trade paperbacks. Several different circles of my life intersected with representation from my friends, family, colleagues, clients, volunteer boards, and of course my hockey buddies. It was humbling. At the appropriate time, my twin brother Tim welcomed everyone and introduced me with a few funny stories to warm up the crowd. Then I spoke for a few minutes about the book before closing with a brief reading from the early part of the story. I managed to get through it without too much stumbling.
You would think that I’d have lots of photos to share from the event. Regrettably, I discovered my digital camera, primed and ready to go, in my pocket at the end of the evening with not a single photo taken. I clearly need some event management support!

Unaccustomed to being in the spotlight, when all was said and done, I was left feeling uplifted and humbled by the turnout and the wonderful comments made about the novel. I’m starting to accept that people are really enjoying the story. On the numbers front, about 75 books were sold. We’re not yet a bestseller but we’re headed in the right direction. My thanks to Guy Skipworth, a good friend who provided the video screens on which ran positive quotations from novel readers and podcast listeners. My two sons, Calder and Ben, staffed the book selling table and did a great job.
A great event and wonderful way to get the word out.

TBLP Photo Challenge

Monday, November 12th, 2007

My friend and fellow PR podcaster (PR Junction) Jon Hoel in Melbourne Australia has been a big supporter of TBLP from the outset and I’m grateful. His latest idea to build profile for the novel is to have photos of the novel sent in to the TBLP Facebook group page against the backdrop of whatever city or town (mountain, lake, field, forest, etc.) the readers inhabit. Interesting idea. So far on the Facebook group page, there are three photos: Jon’s from Melbourne, Francis Wooby’s from Kingston, Ontario, and Shawn Murray’s from Parliament Hill in Ottawa. While the idea hasn’t exactly gone “viral” yet, it’s still early days. So if you have a copy of TBLP, grab your digital camera, contribute a photo, and let’s see how many we can get. Thanks for the creative idea Jon.


Jon’s photo taken in Melbourne

Toronto TBLP launch event set!

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Well, we’ve finally set a date, time and location for the Toronto launch of The Best Laid Plans. So if you’re anywhere near Toronto on Monday, November 19th you’re welcome to join us at the Dora Keogh pub at 141 Danforth Avenue (south side of Danforth, just east of Broadview). We’ll keep the speeches to a minimum. All are welcome…



Monday, November 5th, 2007


The CEO of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) is a good friend of mine. Gabriel Sekaly and I have know each other since our days in university politics when he was at the University of Ottawa and I was at McMaster University inthe early 80s. He is one smart guy who has had an oustanding public service career with the Ontario government before assuming the reins at IPAC. I’ve always respected his opinion and am therefore thrilled not only that he bought TBLP, but read it and apparently enjoyed it as well. Here’s his take on the novel on his personal blog at IPAC.

Thanks Gabe for spreading the word…

New Indigo review…

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

I awoke this morning to discover a new TBLP review on Indigo courtesy of Mark Leslie Lefebvre. Mark is an author who plays a senior role at the McMaster University Bookstore where he hosted my first book launch. Here’s Mark’s complete Indigo review:

“When I first picked up Terry Fallis’ novel, which is described on the cover as “a satirical novel of Canadian politics,” I wasn’t expecting it to be very compelling — I’m not much into politics, after all. But this novel was compelling from the first word. I was immediately hooked by narrator, Daniel Addison, and his departure from the Canadian political scene to teach English to Engineers at Ottawa University. I particularly enjoyed the hilarious and uniquely creative description of walking in on his girlfriend and a cabinet minister and describing their tryst in “parliamentary language.” Rick Mercer couldn’t have done a better job of setting up the laughs from this scene.

But once Fallis introduced stodgy old engineering professor Angus McLintock, I was double-hooked. Watching this unlikely Liberal candidate’s rise to power marks one of the best books I’ve read this year. The main plot and sub-stories wind perfectly together, providing a wonderfully balanced and thoroughly enjoyable tale. While I actually did laugh out loud several times reading this satirical novel, I was also moved and touched by the characters who live long after i have turned the final page of the book.”

Thanks so much Mark…

Nicholas Hoare stocks TBLP too!

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007


One of the most beautiful and interesting independent bookstores Toronto has ever had is Nicholas Hoare, run from when its doors opened in the late 1980s until a year ago by Ben McNally who left to open Ben McNally Books. Affectionately knows as “Nicholas” in our household, I have spent many an hour immersed in the wonderful shelves at Nicholas Hoare on Front Street. I’m thrilled to report that starting today, you’ll be able to find TBLP at “Nicholas.”

Two more Book City stores carry TBLP

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

bloorwest200.jpg annex200.jpg

I know that reporting on every new bookstore that stocks TBLP may be getting a bit tired, but getting the book onto store shelves is very important in building its profile. Besides, the thrill of walking into a bookstore and seeing your novel on display does not fade quickly (or at all yet for me). So let me report that two more popular independent Book City stores are now carrying TBLP. The Bloor West Village store (2350 Bloor Street West) and the Annex store (501 Bloor Street West) are now displaying and selling TBLP. Keep ’em comin’…