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New Indigo review…


I awoke this morning to discover a new TBLP review on Indigo courtesy of Mark Leslie Lefebvre. Mark is an author who plays a senior role at the McMaster University Bookstore where he hosted my first book launch. Here’s Mark’s complete Indigo review:

“When I first picked up Terry Fallis’ novel, which is described on the cover as “a satirical novel of Canadian politics,” I wasn’t expecting it to be very compelling — I’m not much into politics, after all. But this novel was compelling from the first word. I was immediately hooked by narrator, Daniel Addison, and his departure from the Canadian political scene to teach English to Engineers at Ottawa University. I particularly enjoyed the hilarious and uniquely creative description of walking in on his girlfriend and a cabinet minister and describing their tryst in “parliamentary language.” Rick Mercer couldn’t have done a better job of setting up the laughs from this scene.

But once Fallis introduced stodgy old engineering professor Angus McLintock, I was double-hooked. Watching this unlikely Liberal candidate’s rise to power marks one of the best books I’ve read this year. The main plot and sub-stories wind perfectly together, providing a wonderfully balanced and thoroughly enjoyable tale. While I actually did laugh out loud several times reading this satirical novel, I was also moved and touched by the characters who live long after i have turned the final page of the book.”

Thanks so much Mark…

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