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TBLP in Canadian Bookseller Magazine

My friend and fellow writer Mark Leslie Lefebvre just wrote an article for Canadian Bookseller magazine about the rise of free podcasting as a way of building a pre-publication audience for a book. This is the approach I tried out with TBLP. The TBLP podcast was up and available in its entirety many months before the novel was ever published in print. I’m convinced the interest and community engendered through the podcast really helped when TBLP finally became an actual book. The article is interesting and foreshadows possible changes in the world of traditional publishing as more and more authors employ social media tools like blogging and podcasting to drive interest and build audiences. Thanks for the profile Mark!

2 responses to “TBLP in Canadian Bookseller Magazine”

  1. Wow Terry, this sounds like a never ending flight to stardom: Another medal, articles right, left, centre. Hope you won’t forget us, mortal souls now that you’re reaching those dizzy heights.

  2. I meant to say congratulations again, and again …

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