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Great TBLP Book Club gathering in September

My good friend and fellow book club member, Peter Nosalik, has colloborated with the organizers of One Book, One Community to organize a wonderful gathering of book clubs in Waterloo this September. Peter is hosting the event at his Waterloo home on the evening of Monday, September 20th, calling it “our region’s biggest book club meeting.”

If you’re in a book club in the Waterloo Region, and are interested in attending, check out the details here.

Here’s a peek at the poster that’s been developed for it. My deep gratitude to Peter for conceiving of this idea and providing the leadership to make it happen.

2 responses to “Great TBLP Book Club gathering in September”

  1. Marilyn Coxon says:

    Good morning.
    I’m wondering where to find out if our book club (Where is Martin Sloan) has been selected to join TBLP Book Club Meeting on Monday, September 20.
    Cathy Blackbourn wrote on behalf of our book club which has our first meeting of the year on Monday, Sept 20. Although we would love to participate, I expect that those chosen have already been notified.
    Marilyn Coxon

  2. Terry Fallis says:

    Hi Marilyn. Yes, all of the book clubs have apparently been chosen for the event on the 20th. I wish we had more room to accommodate more clubs. I hope our paths cross sometime during the OBOC festivities.

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