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More good news… an “Ippy” Gold Medal

On a whim last fall, I submitted TBLP to the Independent Publisher Book Awards in the U.S. in the regional category, Canada-East Fiction. Well many months later, the results were finally announced today. As if winning the Leacock Medal weren’t enough good news, TBLP just won the gold medal. Known as the “Ippy” awards, they recognize excellence in independent publishing, including self-publishing. Now that TBLP will be published by McClelland & Stewart in the fall, and I hope any subsequent books I may write, this may be the only independent Publisher Book Award I’ll ever win.

All of this seems too good to be true. I sure hope I’m not in for a run of bad luck…

3 responses to “More good news… an “Ippy” Gold Medal”

  1. Ter,
    Way to go….now even more good news to share at tonight’s bookclub. You are cleaning up big time!! Well deserved!

  2. Well done! I think at this point Terry you may want to get that 6?49 ticket!
    Congrats , its nice to see all that hard work pay off.

  3. Terry Fallis says:

    Thanks Eileen and Dwight… very kind…

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