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My first Chapters signing…

I snuck away from the Ottawa International Festival of Writers to do a book signing at the Chapters Rideau store just a stone’s throw from Parliament Hill.  The riot police were there in force to contain the crowd that spilled out onto Wellington Street.  Yeah right… in my dreams.  As I expected, it was a quiet morning as I sat at the table the staff had set up at the front of the store.  Dozens of shoppers milled about and several even looked my way from time to time.  I had no real expectations and with so many heavyweight authors in town for the festival, I was very pleased to sell a half dozen or so books and chat with some very nice book lovers.  My friend and colleague, and fellow writer I might add, John Delacourt and his wonderful other half, Andrea, stopped by to create some commotion around the signing table.  They then also came to my reading and panel discussion at the festival later in the afternoon.

In light of how much I love spending time in bookstores, my Chapters signing session was time well spent.  Many thanks to Tim Francoeur and his team at Chapters Rideau.

It’s lonely at the signing table… (Thanks to John MacDonald for the photo work.)

One response to “My first Chapters signing…”

  1. Nancy White says:

    It may have been a tad quiet in Ottawa, but Torontians and McMaster alum are scrambling for the latest hot ticket – the upcominng evening with Terry Fallis.

    Tuesday November 18, 2008
    Young Centre for the Performing Arts, Garland Cabaret Room
    55 Mill Street, Building 49
    Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4
    5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

    And no, I am not his publicist. Just a fan from way back before he bacame famous.

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